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Reviews given herein are supplied from actual purchases and are based on my personal opinion. While every effort is made to check their accuracy, I accept no liability. If you believe a review to be inaccurate please contact me.

Review of the Moonlite Focuser
Astro Bling for your telescope. Astro-Baby reviews the Moonlite Crayford Tri-Knob Focuser.
Review of the Hotech Self Centering Laser Collimator
A fan of simple Cheshire Collimators tests out the latest in laser collimators.
O-III Versus UHC Filter Shoot Out
Can you really see those faint fuzzies in technicolour?
Binocular Review
Cheap and cheerful versus mid range - Bresser 10x50 & Opticron Imagic 10x50
Finders Keepers - A Roundup of Finder Scope Options
Astrobaby's search for the perfect finder scope. The keepers and the weepers.
New Kid in Town - The Explore Scientific 14mm 100' Eyepiece
Can the Explore Scientific 100' Eyepiece Live up to the Hype ?
Orthoscopic Eyepieces - Back to the Future ?
The fall and rise of the orthoscopic eyepiece. (NEW)