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My experience with a medium sized Newtonian in various cold fields and the problems of finding things both manually and also setting up a GoTo alignment eventually drove me to looking at alternate finder scopes to the one supplied.

My initial experience with my straight through finder was that it was TOO good at finding things - I know that sounds strange but looking through it under the perfect conditions of dark sky sites the finder showed a welter of stars, so many in fact it was hard to know whether I was pointing at the right object or not.

To add to the general disorientation the fact that the standard finder is uncorrected producing an upside down and back-to-front view just made life that little bit harder.

Used as I was, years ago to a rather poor quality (by todays standards) 6x30 finder I found the standard 9x50 straight through finder an ordeal.
Its powerful nature combined with its non-corrected views made finding many faint objects extremely hard work. As if that wasn't hard enough, on a short tube Newtonian telescope a straight through finder can become a pain in the neck - quite literally ! With the telescope pointing towards the zenith cranking your head in to get a good view with the finder while trying to avoid the declination weight bar can result in some strange body positions.

Resolving to find something better I have tried a number of finders both optical and red dot types in a range of prices and capabilities. I didn't set out to write a review, the review almost happened by accident as a result of trialling a few finders.

Well here's my thoughts on them……I have included the standard 9x50 finder for completeness.

My thanks to First Light Optics, Astronomia, Rother Valley Optics and OptCorp USA for their patience and in some cases the loan of equipment.

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