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Reviews given herein are supplied from actual purchases and are based on my personal opinion. While every effort is made to check their accuracy, I accept no liability. If you believe a review to be inaccurate please contact me.

Review of the Sky-Watcher 130PM & Celestron Eye-Opener Kit
Astro-Baby gives her view on the popular Sky-Watcher 130PM.
Review of the Sky-Watcher 200 / HEQ5
Astro-Baby gives her view on one of the most popular combinations for amateurs.
Review of the Celestron 4SE GoTo Maksutov
Astro-Baby reviews the baby of the Celestron SE range. A small spot Mak with GoTo.
Review of the TAL 100RS 4" Achromatic Refractor
From Russia with Love - Astro-Baby Reviews this much underated Russian Refractor.
Review of the Skywatcher Skymax 180 Pro Maksutov
The Planet Killer - or how I learned to stop worrying and love my Maksutov(NEW).