astro-babys guide to stripping and rebuilding the HEQ5 mount
6 - Synta HEQ5 -Adjusting the Altitude Motion

My own HEQ5 suffered from excessive play in the altitude bearings. Even with the altitude bolts done up tight the mount could still rock slightly to and fro.
Heres how to eliminate play the altitude bearings of the HEQ5/Sirius mount.
Setting the altitude thrust bearings
Removing the latitude scale Adjusting the thrust bearings Replacing the latitude scale scale
Remove the latitude scale from the mount. This can be removed using a sharp craft knife to prise it away from the mount, Mine came away quite easily but they can be very tough to remove.

WARNING - you can easily damage this beyond repair so exercise judgement and due caution.
Behind the RA scale you will see a large bolt which holds the mount to the altitude unit. Around the bolt are three Allen headed set screws. Turn each of these a 1/4 turn until the play in the altitude goes away. Replace the RA scale using a few small drops of Superglue. You may want to use a spirit level to ensure the scale is as accurate as possible.

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